“I’m one of the AFP conference participants who is having an issue with an incorrect reservation. David Huber just spoke with you, he was the other guy experiencing difficulties. His issue was cleared up and he’s getting into his room. Are you planning to come to the Hyatt Regency lobby?”

I just discovered this draft of an unsent text message from when I went to a conference in Dallas earlier this year. It’s funny how a few words bring the whole experience back. I can feel all the panic  about my hotel reservation getting botched, and all the relief when I figured out a solution to that problem, and the annoyance I felt because the person who had made the reservation and had the power to fix my problem was taking forever to arrive and now didn’t need to come because I had solved the problem myself and people were waiting on me to meet with this problem solver/creator so that I could take then to Walmart and…

As boring as it seems, the text is a fragment of a very interesting story. It’s a story with a good ending, as it turns out, because the last day of the conference was fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Memorabilia

    • If you count the day before the conference and the day after the conference as part of the conference, then this would be the 1st text I sent at the conference. Uniquely, all the texts I sent to all the folks at the conference, when placed next to each other, make an excellent story. Wait… this could be a great twitter fiction tale! A non-fiction twitter serial! Maybe I could get featured by twitter during their annual twitter fiction festival…

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