Thankful for Dreamers

I’m thankful for counsel and wisdom. I don’t like advice much, but I take it. I’ve discovered that free advice is about as good as advice you have to pay for, so I’m thankful for the free kind when it’s offered to me.

I’m thankful for reality checks. They aren’t real checks, otherwise I might actually have some money, but they do give perspective.

But most of all, I’m thankful for wild dreams and the people who dream them. Counsel is good; reality checks are annoying; wisdom is best; but wild dreamers are the people who can see the Rubik’s cube completed. They’re the ones, who if they accept wisdom, true wisdom and not that collection of cliche’d claptrap everyone mindlessly transmits in order to move their conversations along to more shiny subjects, can fit the counsel with reality into its place and see the big dream come true.

Yes, I’m thankful for dreamers who are realists. That’s a rare combination. But I’ve found these dreaming realists, and they are the folks I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving, because they remind me that I am not alone. I only hope I will remind them that they are not alone either. We’re in this crazy world with our dreams, and our realistic brains, and best of all, God, and we’re in it together.


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