A Sperry Film (review)

I just recently got to see The Secret’s of Jonathan Sperry!

The Christiano Brothers seem to know where the line of excellence is and how to  just barely hit it. This movie is minimalistic. The one word for this film is subtle.  Quiet, yet effective, the films plays out as if were recounting a true story (bigger bolder sequences may very well have ruined the authentic feel of the film).  If it it only were true… that seems to be the point of the film. It leaves you with one thought This could happen, I could be used of God to make a revival happen!

Locomotion:At 97 minutes it didn’t feel long, but it did move at a slower pace. That said, I was moving groceries out of the van as my family was watching the film, even with ducking in and out every so often, I only missed a little bit of dialog that wasn’t vital to the plot.

Looks: Amazing, the 1970’s come alive before your eyes.

Laughs: Subtle, but they’re there (not as funny as Fireproof).

Characters: Good. Acting could have been better, not horrible, just mediocre (with the exception of Jonathan Sperry played by Gavin MacLeod, Dustin, Tanya and Mr. Banks – sorry, I don’t know all the actors names, but I doubt you do either!) I’m not saying that anyone was a bad actor or actress in the film, they probably just needed a little more retakes which are so hard to get on a low budget. Across the board the acting was better overall than Facing the Giants, but that’s because there are less characters.  Sometimes in other films you feel like saying: “Get that person out of here!”, they’re just that bad. If you’re really critical, you may cringe slightly (I did, just ever so slightly) but you’ll never throw anything at the screen or yell “The hook! The hook!”.

Christianity: Since this movie was geared towards Christians, I guess the coverage of salvation was O.K. It was adequate, not in depth. (Note: I should watch this movie again before I make too big of a deal about this, remember I was hauling the groceries in during it, not taking notes on a clipboard.)


Did this film change my standing as a Rich Christiano fan? Absolutely not! Although it’s not Time Changer, this movie deserves it’s place along side of Facing the Giants, it’s uniquely good.

Overall it scores a 3 3/4 stars!


Cimrey at Auction

No, this is not supposed to represent my filming talent. (Would someone like to donate a tripod?)

Cimrey did a terrific job! I’m already thinking of ways she can “invest” that $1400 into one of my insane money making schemes…

Thank you Temple Iron and Metal!